What is an Elder Law Attorney?

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As we get older, people and their families often find themselves facing new legal challenges related to aging, death, disability, healthcare, and financial planning. Most of us don’t know what legal help we need as we age or the consequences of putting planning off.  Working with an elder law attorney is a great step forward … continue reading the entire article

Why Are Estate Services Necessary?

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Estate services are there to help you plan what happens to your estate if you pass away or cannot make decisions for yourself. Caring.com’s 2022 Wills and Estate Planning Study showed that younger individuals nationwide were likelier than middle-aged Americans to have a will in 2022. No matter your age, understanding the purpose of estate … continue reading the entire article

When To Get An LLC


Does my business really need one? Have you ever wondered… do I need an LLC for my business? Don’t worry, we are here to help. An LLC stands for “Limited Liability Company”. An LLC is mainly setup to protect the members’ personal assets and keep them separate from the business’s creditors. What does that mean … continue reading the entire article

Trust And A Will

What’s the difference and why do you need both? Often clients ask, “If a Trust is more effective in transferring my assets, why do I need both?” A will and a Trust go hand-in-hand. We will explain below why you need both and how we can help. The most important difference between a Will and … continue reading the entire article

5 Reasons to Hire An Attorney To Create Your Will


Wills are documents that allow you to determine to whom your assets are distributed after your passing. A will also indicate who will be the executor of your estate. According to Legal Zoom, it is estimated that about 50 – 60 percent of Americans do not have a will. Continue reading to find out why you should hire an attorney to create your will.

Avoid Chaos With An Operating Agreement

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When a business owner decides to file their Limited Liability Company (LLC) on their own, creating a thorough Operating Agreement is the step that is most often overlooked. Often, many commonly omitted details can be avoided when you go through the process of forming your LLC with a professional.

Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times

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While we cannot control the next catastrophe, what we can do is prepare to be in a better position to care for our families, finances, and medical decisions in emergency situations.