5 Reasons to Hire An Attorney To Create Your Will

Wills are documents that allow you to determine to whom your assets are distributed after your passing. A will also indicate who will be the executor of your estate. According to Legal Zoom, it is estimated that about 50 – 60 percent of Americans do not have a will. Continue reading to find out why you should hire an attorney to create your will.

#1 – Avoids Mistakes

When you hire an attorney to create your will, that person is the expert on creating wills and makes sure no mistakes are made. You could use a template to create your will, but your circumstances may require more details. There are some aspects needed in wills to make them legal. An attorney will ensure you have that.

#2 – Provides Assurance

Even with a will, you may not be able to avoid probate after your death. However, an attorney can ensure your will is drafted so that it will be harder to contest. An attorney can help you set up trusts in addition to naming beneficiaries in your will. You may want to consider an attorney with experience in probate litigation.

#3 – Provides Updates

After you create your will, life may change, requiring updates to your will. For example, you could have a child, get divorced, or get married. These are times when you want to review your will. An attorney can help ensure you have the proper wording and information in your will to account for your new circumstances.

#4 – Protect You

You can create some documents along with your will that can provide protection to you before you pass. These documents include power of attorney for your healthcare. This allows someone to make medical decisions for you if you are not able to. You can also create a financial power of attorney for financial decisions.

#5 – Create a Specific Type of Will

An attorney that has experience creating wills provides you with information on the best way to create the documents you need. All situations and families are different, and you need documents specific to your needs. In addition, an attorney is a neutral party that will not be seen as biased if your will is contested after your death.

Consider consulting an attorney to create your will to ensure all of your assets are distributed per your wishes.

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