Veteran’s Benefits

For purposes of elderly veterans and their widows, the primary benefit utilized in paying for long-term care is the VA’s Aid & Attendance pension. It is a monthly pension available to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses.

When at least one day of a ninety-day or more active duty service was spent during wartime (as defined by the VA), the veteran or their surviving spouse may qualify for this pension.

There are multiple qualifications that must be met, but the principal component is that the veteran or surviving spouse must be over age 65 or totally disabled and show medical need.

There are asset and income limits for qualifying, but the latest increase to the maximum net worth figure has assisted many veterans with qualifying who were previously ineligible.

The VA has also added a three-year look-back period for transfers. However, the penalty they are imposing with the three-year look-back period is based on the maximum net worth figure which can sometimes lead to no penalty being imposed for a veteran with a lower net worth.

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